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Opick Full ALbum Download

Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus or better known as Opick (born in Jember, East Java, March 16, 1974, age 37 years) was a songwriter and singer of religious ethnic nationality Java Indonesia.
His first album was released in 2005 Istighfar. The first month after its release, the album was able to print double platinum with sales of more than 300 thousand copies. In the album, Opick insert song entitled "Tombo Ati" into his solo album. Previously, Opick put that song on the album compilation "Tausiyah Dhikr and Nasyid". Album "Istighfar 'success in the market, to penetrate more than 800 thousand copies and received five platinum awards as well. Because of its activity in the song Islami, has been named as an ambassador Opick Islamic music group Nasyid by the ANN (nasyid institutions archipelago).
In 2006 a man who claimed to have sung in a band that brought rock songs were released a second album titled "The Universe Remix" (2006). The album contained ten tracks, as the hit songs in the album is Destiny had sung with Joey Ayala. In addition to Melly, also a duet with Wafiq Opick Azizah, teens who excel as the best international qoriah little in the song "Yaa Messenger". There is also collaboration with the group nasyid Opick Five Pandavas in the song "Clearly Love". August 2006, shortly after launching the second album, Opick issued a book entitled "Spiritual OpickOase In Senandung".
Opick we know today is the singer of spiritual songs, islamic, nasheed. Previously we almost do not know who he is. Fifteen years ago, he actually began to have a history, but it barely registered. The trail goes off, faint, faint, neglected. Opick but never stopped. He continued to sing, to save his voice to the tape, could throw into the market, but it disappeared. Even without the sound of 'plop' as a solid object fall into the water puddles.

That night Opick told, that his parents were very religious. He was 'grateful' because it does not fit with their parents. He left the house and try to make your own trail. But, as the man who was sanctioned, all his efforts not to leave an echo. Maybe we're a little surprised when they find out that Opick actually has 8 records. Six of them, it turns out, wing rock, and from the beginning was circulated was not accepted by the public. Even the first record, because the social theme that is too hard, was banned. When it decomposes Opick long hair, and then every year turn to follow the current trend of young people in the music world.

Ten years of doing 'workshops', so to speak, he continues to struggle. Until one day she met a teacher who greeted him with sumringah: "Well, you'll be a singer lute." What did he mean it? Apparently, that's what later became the brand-image Opick today with a more precise term: nasheed. Throughout his journey, as a singer (I do not know, he did not tell him) might be frustrated, he continued to write songs. About 600 gita he had created, but not a singer, producer, or any band, greeted him.

That night, my own conclusion, that there is a relentless quest to self Opick. During a rock singer, he never dared to insert the word God in the lyrics of the song. He did not want to include the Creator is in these lines of poetry he lagukan, initially, because of fear of being wrong. The poet Taufiq Ismail's praise of prudence, confirmed that worry: if people sing songs that contain the word Allah in the bathroom, while nude or a lavatory.

But then, with consulting services to many of the scholars, finally Opick dhikr through the songs he created. This decision is related to the experience of a memory. Two people who had admired the young Opick is: Qosim Nurseha and Rhoma Irama. Opick conscious, after all these years, preaching Qosim forgotten, but it still resonated Rhoma sang. Thus, the song will make the 'advice' is more inherent.

That night, Opick confessed, he did not control many musical instruments. As a person who engaged in the world of tennis, conditions that would make her creativity is not widespread. It has its limitations. However, the limitation that, Opick actually find infinity. At first, for me, a bit confusing.

Opick, as well as creators, relying on inspiration. At the time of composing songs, she was told, by something inexplicable. Inspiration? Maybe. Ah, of course! At that moment, Opick confessed, he found the melody in Dhikr. When he tried to mumble the song, as if no music orchestration behind the ears, a great background. He does have limitations, but when using 'alat'nya that simple, there is something infinite, beyond himself, to take part singing. In fact, in closed his eyes, he could see a series of moving images as illustrations of the stories in his songs. About how he asked for God's mercy. About how he is in a coffin near the end goal ... infinity, I think, is imagination.

Everything was born from a pure heart, according to the composer Dwiki Darmawan, will be something extraordinary. Opick wrote the lyrics simple, not making it up, but the blend of melody and words have built beauty. That night, I received a beauty that was born from a heart surrendered.

Perhaps all that is revealed by Opick not an advice. He was telling himself that always want to be seen as ordinary people. I think I also ordinary people. For that, I suddenly want to have two things that have been Opick have as wealth: search and limitations.
THAT NIGHT Opick launched a book as his way of sharing. To find out how the process he set out and reached the place now. To find out the meaning and the way a song that starts from the heart within the limits. At least he hopes, when ten people charged crooning songs that seek forgiveness, there are ten people who may find benefit from lantunannya it.

Maybe I do not need to read his book. His confession that night was richer than he wrote. Through the tireless quest, Thomas Alva Edison invented the light. Through the tireless search, a salesman in any business, it may acquire a customer. And with limitations, everyone would be able to give birth imagination. This is the power that makes every discovery happen, day after day. (Kurnia Effendi, short story writer, researcher LPKP).

Download Album Opick from Mediafire (Password : nasyid) 
1. Album Istighfar (Year 2005)

For Download this Album  : Click Here 
List Song : Astaghfirullah (Istighfar), Alhamdulillah ft Amanda, Kesaksian Diri, Ya Robbana ft Ust. Jefri, Allah Maha Besar, Shalawat Nabi, Kembali Pada Allah, Cukup Bagiku ft. Gito Rolies, Bila Waktu Tlah Berakhir, Tombo Ati.

2. Album  Semesta Bertasbih (Year 2006)
For Download this Album : Click here 
List Song : Taqwa, Irhamna, Takdir, Teranglah Hati, 25 Nabi, Semesta Bertasbih, Bismillah, Satu Rindu, Buka Mata Buka Hati, Ya Rasul.

3. Album Ya Rahman (Year 2007)
For Download this Album  : Click here
List Song : Assalamu’alaikum (Song Theme RCTI Ramadhan), Taubat, Rapuh (Ost. Syamsul & Badriah), Pewaris Surga, Mendambamu, Haji, Allah Cinta, Beruntunglah, Ya Rahman, Khusnul Khotimah, Sedekah, Allahu Ya Salam.

3. Album Cahaya Hati (Year 2008)
For Download this Album  : Click here 
List Song : Hanya Allah, Cahaya Hati, Ya Nabi Salam, Alangkah Indah, Cinta Setulus Jiwa, Hamba Hamba Allah, Ketika Cinta, Allah Ya Nur, Tuhan Lindungilah, Ramadhan Tiba.

4. Album Dibawah Langit-Mu (Year 2009)
For Download this Album  : Click here.
List Song : Di Bawah Langit Mu, Maha Melihat Feat Amanda, Asmaul Husna, Allah Maha Cahaya, DenganMu Ku Hidup, Shalawat Badar, Taffakur, Tak Cukupkah Semua, Engkau Allah, Lailahailallah Feat Snada.

5. Album Shollu 'Ala Muhammad (Year 2010)
For Download this Album : Click here.
List Song : Shollu Ala Muhammad, Allahu Akbar, Andai Waktu Memanggil, DenganMu Aku Tenang, Sholawat Muhammad, Pengakuan (I’tiraf), Dunia Tanpa CintaNya, Tiada Duka Yang Abadi, Nyanyian Sepi, Istighfar Ampuni Aku.

6. Album  Kompilasi Opick (Year 2006)
For Download this Album : Click here.
List Song : Takdir ft. Melly Goeslaw, Satu Rindu ft. Amanda, Ya Rasul ft. Wafiq Azizah, Teranglah Hati ft. Pandawa Lima, Ya Rabbana ft. Ust. Jefri, Cukup Bagiku ft. Gito Rollies, Alhamdulillah ft. Amanda, Taqwa, 25 Nabi, Irhamna, Tombo Ati, Bismillah, Astaghfirullah (Istighfar), Buka Mata Buka Hati, Kembali Pada Tuhan.

7. Album The Best of Opick (Year 2011)
For Download this Album : Click here.
List Song : Assalamu’alaikum, Maha Penyayang [new], Maha Melihat ft. Amanda, Shollu’ala Muhammad ft FLO, Tombo Ati, Rapuh, Cahaya Hati, Astaghfirulloh, Takdir ft Melly G, Bila Waktu Tlah Berakhir, Haji, Keaguangan Mu [new], Rumput Bertasbih [new], Alhamdulillah ft Amanda).

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Download Album Opick from Mediafire (Password : nasyid)


New Album Opick - Salam Ya Rasulullah visit here

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Download Album Opick from Mediafire (Password : nasyid)

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