Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Linkin Park Living Things Full Album Download

Album Review
Linkin Park showed up to the rap-rock mixer late, but they were the first band with a DJ to sound so utterly alienated, hitching Chester Bennington's existential wail to the suburban swagger of Mike Shinoda's rhymes. Five LPs in, they've traded turntable scratches for dub-step flourishes, but still lean on Bennington's harrowing hooks, including the one on "Burn It Down," one of their best singles yet. But while they've spiffed up their sound for the dance floor, the band found some of its greatest inspiration in pop-wise hip-hop – "Lies Greed Misery," a sweet-and-sour gem, is guaranteed to make you jump. Who needs rock, anyway?

Track listing

All lyrics written by Linkin Park, all music composed by Linkin Park.
No. Title Length
1. "Lost in the Echo"   3:25
2. "In My Remains"   3:20
3. "Burn It Down"   3:52
4. "Lies Greed Misery"   2:27
5. "I'll Be Gone"   3:31
6. "Castle of Glass"   3:25
7. "Victimized"   1:46
8. "Roads Untraveled"   3:49
9. "Skin to Bone"   2:48
10. "Until It Breaks"   3:43
11. "Tinfoil"   1:11
12. "Powerless"   3:43
Total length:

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Anonymous said...

psswrd nya?


baca dong masbro, kan di atas udah dibuat...

Anonymous said...

upload lgi dunk masbro,gk bisa d donlod....but, thanks for sharing masbro


ok masbro... thanks udah ingetin. soalnya jarang ngecek link yg udah mati :)

Classic Rock Albums said...

Link Park is best NU Metal band...keep posting brother....

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